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* Save - Store - Sort Out - Savor *

The 4-step guide to falling back in love with your wardrobe

  1. Go through all your clothes to decide what to save, what to store and what to sort out. 
  2. The clothes that you keep you make sure to savor. Clean them properly, iron them and fix the ones that need a few stitches.
  3. Put them neatly in the wardrobe, keeping it airy and light, folding as little as possible and only the clothes necessary. Keep them in light piles with max 3-4 items in each.
  4. If you want to advance it slightly you can also use a system of Home wear and Work wear, as well as Winter and Summer wear, creating an organized space.
  5. The clothes that you sort out you can send to charity or return to store (some brands collect worn clothing as part of their sustainability program). Only throw out the ones that are truly beyond hope. 

The wardrobe will end up looking fabulous, and you will start using clothes that you have not worn for years, finding new combinations with your new "boutique-style" wardrobe

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