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5 useful tips: How to dress in February!

That in between season when the weather is changing from cold to slightly warmer...

The weather is still cold and grey, but in our hearts spring is on its way!
5 things to do right now:

1. Get a colorful fine knit. 

Light blue is the color of 2017 and the season! If that is not your fav color, opt for yellow or orange. Style with black slacks, A-line skirt or jeans.

2. Polish and freshen up your shoes.

After months of rain, snow, sand and salt, your winter boots are not what they used to be. But the spring shoes are still too cold.. So polish up your winter shoes, fix that sole and you are good for another month.

3. Create an inspiring space. 

Hanging your favorite clothes airy and light in your room gives you a good overview and creates a in-home shop experience and you re-discover your clothes!

4. Mix light colors for a spring look!

Use a light knit in grey, beige or off-white over a white shirt and a powder pink knitted skirt for a warm but spring-like look. Style your spring trousers in silk och light cotton with an oversize knit with high collar.

5. Back to basics. 

It is not time for spring clothes just yet, and you are probably tired of your winter wardrobe and trying to find new combinations. So go back to basics. Black slacks, white shirt or dressy t-shirt under a blazer, timeless and neutral. To give it a fresh touch, use a colored, patterned or velour blazer.

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