• About Andrea

    I am passionate about personal style, fashion and sustainability.

    As a personal stylist my goal is to empower my clients with a confident personal and professional style.

    Through smart and sustainable style choices, I guide my clients to a comfortable, elegant style that boosts confidence.

    I will help you understand the basics of style, ready to face any challenge or success that come their way.

    No more nothing to wear!

    Andrea Stenhamre


    Embodying a strong sense of style that is comfortable yet elegant, contemporary as well as classic, my mission is to empower women and boost their self confidence through their style.


    With 10 years of business career behind me, I understand the importance of an impacting style in a business environment and business life, keeping it correct, yet with personality and elegance.


    I have a clear understanding of time restraints and I know how to work with comfort together with style, having an efficient wardrobe ranging from basic to extraordinary.


    Having worked in Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, France and UK, I have a thorough knowledge of business culture and business fashion across Europe.


    I look forward to working with you!

    Please get in touch with me for a free needs assessment or for any questions you might have. I am here to listen to and guide you.  

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